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Lee Mariano

Lee Mariano

Lee Mariano is the Chief People Officer at YHB, one of the largest regional public accounting firms.

Lee is a seasoned Executive HR leader with over 24 years of experience in the field. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Lee has honed her expertise in all core functions of HR, including strategic planning, compensation, total rewards management, employee relations, and performance management.

Throughout her career, Lee has successfully designed and implemented comprehensive compensation programs that align with business objectives. Her strategic planning acumen has allowed her to develop and execute HR initiatives that drive organizational growth and enhance employee engagement.

Lee’s exceptional skills in employee relations have fostered a positive work culture and facilitated effective conflict resolution, resulting in high employee satisfaction and retention. Furthermore, her proficiency in performance management has led to the creation of robust systems for goal-setting, feedback, and development, contributing to increased individual and team performance.

As a trusted HR advisor, Lee has consistently demonstrated strong leadership and the ability to build and motivate high-performing HR teams. With her deep knowledge and comprehensive experience, she continues to drive organizational success by effectively aligning human resources with business strategies.