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Find Your Home at YHB

When you join YHB, you don’t become just a member of the firm. You become a member of our community. What’s the difference? Diverse accounting firm, career opportunities and a supportive work environment — which means a more rewarding and satisfying career for you.

Stronger Together

YHB’s community culture is based on relationships — both between our firm and our clients and between all members of our firm. We believe that people work best and serve clients best when they truly work together as a team, rather than individual players. To this end, we take a “shared-client” approach to developing business and delivering services that are more beneficial to clients and more rewarding for us than anything acting alone could achieve.

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Join the Team

We can’t wait to welcome you! Apply now for these full/part-time or hybrid open positions:

  • Tax Supervisor
  • Audit Supervisor
  • Tax Associate
  • Audit Associate
  • Paraprofessional

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Our team members know how to work hard and get the job done… we also know how to have fun and lift one another up. Like at our annual Firm Day events where the entire Firm gets together to celebrate each other and hear what lies ahead.

We’ve Got Your Back

The heart of our culture is our leadership circles — groups of three to five firm members who share knowledge, feedback and support. Your circle will not only help you feel connected and cared about, it will also help you get the training and work experience you need to achieve your career objectives.

YHB strives to be a growing Firm of trusted advisors, providing the best choice for talented professionals to achieve fulfilling careers. We are hard workers, but we know there is more to life than work. We make sure there are plenty of opportunities to interact in fun ways with other members of our Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania communities, as well as to take care of domestic matters, volunteer for good causes and pursue other interests.

Ahead of the Curve

These are just some of the reasons why our retention rate and profitability are high, and our firm is growing rapidly. To learn more about why you should join YHB, give us a call or explore the link below — and see for yourself the difference community makes.