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2024 Not-for-Profit Symposium Slides

Grow Confidently

Mastering the Statement of Functional Expenses: Overcoming Common Challenges

Claire Manspile & Allison Shrader | YHB

Our YHB team will dive into the intricacies of the Statement of Functional Expenses and uncover common challenges that not-for-profits often face. This session offers an in-depth look at typical errors and practical strategies for ensuring accurate and compliant financial reporting. Discover key approaches to improve your organization’s financial management and transparency.

Embracing Digital Tools for Outreach & Development

Tony Pearman | AccessU

The evolving landscape of traditional media (like TV, outdoor, and direct mail) is colliding with social media, digital tactics, smartphone tracking, and website CMR, SEO, and SEM. If you feel lost in the alphabet soup of digital media and the seemingly infinite options, this seminar is for you. Representatives from one of our newest SETA members, AccessU, will share insights on:

  • How to reach varied and distinct workforce development audiences through digital targeting methods.
  • Ways to economically test and gauge the effectiveness of online media options.
  • Empowering your enrollment success with targeted creativity.
  • The power of modern social media and PR to drive brand awareness in the digital age.
  • Understanding tools that allow you to measure and track the conversion journey from impression to qualified lead to program participant/employee.
  • Using research to develop personas that lead to impactful marketing.

Measuring and Enhancing Organizational Culture

Lee Mariano YHB

In this engaging presentation, we’ll explore effective methodologies for evaluating and amplifying the heartbeat of our workplace environment. Discover strategies to pinpoint strengths, address challenges, and cultivate a culture that fuels productivity, innovation, and employee well-being. This session is a roadmap for leaders and team members alike, providing actionable insights to nurture a vibrant and cohesive organizational culture that drives long-term success.

Recovering From the Pandemic: Tips for Addressing Strategy, Budgeting & Risk 

Lydia WolfM&T Bank

This presentation aims to guide not-for-profit organizations through the challenges and opportunities arising from the post-pandemic economic landscape, especially focusing on the loss of grants expected in 2024. The session will delve into critical strategies for adapting to these changes, covering effective methods for strategic planning, budget adjustments, and risk management tailored specifically for nonprofits dealing with financial uncertainties.