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Understanding the DC Ballpark Fee: Essential Information for Eligible Businesses 

As a business operating in Washington, D.C. with significant revenue, it’s important to stay informed about local tax obligations, including the DC Ballpark Fee. This fee impacts businesses that meet specific gross receipts thresholds and contributes to the funding of professional baseball facilities in the area. 

Who Needs to File?  

The DC Ballpark Fee applies to entities that generate $5 million or more in annual District gross receipts. This includes both entities required to file franchise tax returns (Corporate or Unincorporated) and employers contributing to unemployment insurance. Notably, not-for-profit organizations are exempt unless they earn $5 million or more from unrelated business activities. 

(graph curtesy of DC.Gov) 

Filing Requirements and Deadline  

Eligible businesses must file the FR-1500 form annually by June 15. This form helps calculate the fee based on the business’s gross receipts, ensuring compliance with local tax laws. 

How to File  

Filing can be efficiently handled through, an online platform designed for tax management in the District. This system facilitates electronic submissions, making it easier for businesses to comply with their tax obligations without the need for paper forms. Alternatively, your YHB team is ready to help you review your situation and file the necessary paperwork. 


Understanding and complying with the DC Ballpark Fee is crucial for eligible businesses in Washington, D.C. By staying informed and adhering to the filing deadline, businesses can avoid penalties and contribute fairly to community amenities that benefit everyone. Contact us with any questions.