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Cyrus Kapadia

Cyrus Kapadia

As YHB’s Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Cyrus guides the Firm through the rapidly changing landscape of technology and cybersecurity. He is responsible for the overall strategy, planning and execution of the Firm’s technology investments. Cyrus joined YHB in 2022, after several years as the CIO at a prominent Los Angeles law firm.

Cyrus has a passion for harmonizing disparate and disconnected processes and will always prioritize the Firm’s technology project portfolio on initiatives that align with YHB’s strategic goals and, ultimately, improve the client or employee experience in some way.

Cyrus has held IT leadership and consulting positions across a diverse range of industries, from small businesses to Fortune 100 multi-national organizations. While his undergraduate studies were in Civil Engineering at University College London, he has been in the IT industry for most of his career.  

Cyrus grew up in England, but has been living on one coast of the US or the other since the mid-90s. He has now settled into a peaceful environment in rural Virginia, which gives him time to think, ponder and innovate for the Firm when he’s traveling between offices. Cyrus enjoys hanging out with his wife, their 3 children, 3 dogs and 2 cats. With family all over the world, the Kapadias love to travel, discover new places and tastes, and dabble in ultra-low budget filmmaking when time allows.