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Meet Adrian Taylor

Grow Confidently

adrianAdrian Taylor
Tax CPA, Winchester

As a member of Yount, Hyde and Barbour’s Tax Services team, Adrian is passionate about financial fitness. Her strengths lie in helping clients understand and analyze their financial data, which will enable them to make informative business and financial decisions. She enjoys working with clients to develop effective tax and financial plans, which helps them measure their progress and steers them towards success!

Adrian is happiest when she can help her clients succeed. “I’m fortunate I get to work with great small businesses in our community. I remember working with a client who wanted to implement an incentive program to reward employees when the business accomplished certain financial goals. The challenge was developing a process that the employees could understand how and when their actions were driving the financial success of the business. Together, we were able to create an incentive program that was easy to understand and more importantly, easy to measure. The client’s profits increased and the employees were happy because they understood how the business was keeping score”.