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Client Collaboration FAQs

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We understand, like any new technology, there may be some confusion. Our hope is to make working with your team at YHB as easy and convenient as possible. Below are several frequently asked questions we believe will help, including the option to opt-out and receive a paper organizer. 

Client Collaboration FAQs

Why am I receiving e-mail reminders?

Reminders are autogenerated from the software when a due date is approaching for certain items. It was reported some users were receiving e-mail reminders even after the task was complete. This is a bug in the system that should be fixed soon for users experiencing this issue. We apologize for the confusion.

Should I download and physically sign the engagement letter from Client Collaboration?

You do not need to print and physically sign your engagement letter. You are able to sign the engagement letter via Client Collaboration. If you are receiving reminders even after you have signed the engagement letter, it may be caused by the above error. If you are still receiving reminders after signing, please let our Client Sucess Team know and they will reset the date.

Do both users have to sign the engagement letter? (only applicable when filing jointly)

Yes. Client Collaboration requires both users sign in to their unique accounts to sign the engagement letter before proceeding.

Why do both users have to accept the invite for Client Collaboration? (only applicable when filing jointly)

Client Collaboration requires both users to sign the engagement letter. Additionally, both users will need to sign the return and must do so from their unique login. However, one user can submit all of the required information.

How do I indicate an account number if it begins with zero?

Leading zeros is a reported issue that will be resolved in a future release. Right now we are asking users to place the information in the “note” section with the number and leave the field blank.

How do I sign back into my account?

Always login by going directly to the YHB website and clicking on “Client Portal” in the top right, then clicking on “Client Collaboration Click Here to Login.” Do not use registration links sent in the initial e-mail. 
For your convenience, you may also Click Here to login to your account. 

My spouse and I are having trouble switching between accounts.

If you and your spouse will be logging in on the same computer, please use different browsers. We have found issues when different users try to use the same browser on the same computer. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Can I use my phone or tablet?

It is recommended to use a laptop or desktop rather than a tablet or phone for uploading your organizer attachments. You may complete certain tasks on your phone or tablet, however, at this time we have found it easier for most clients to use a computer.

How do I register to use Client Collaboration?

To signup for Client Collaboration, please fill out the form on our website located here > Once you submit the form you will receive your login within a week.

Can I Opt-Out of Client Collaboration?

Any client who wishes to opt-out of Client Collaboration can click the link below and fill out a short form to switch delivery methods. Any documents already uploaded to Client Collaboration will still be accessible to your preparer. You do not have to re-send any files or information already uploaded into Client Collaboration.

Click Here to Opt-Out

Rest assured, all YHB offices are equipped to safely receive documents from clients in person, by mail, securely over email or through Client Collaboration. Once again, we thank you for your patience and allowing us to serve you. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your primary contact at YHB or contact our Client Success Team by e-mailing or calling 1-800-495-4910.