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Leadership Circles

Grow Confidently

Connecting Through Leadership Circles

From day one at YHB, you’ll belong to a leadership circle of three to five firm members who provide mutual support, guidance and camaraderie, so you’ll always feel connected and cared about. In addition, you’ll collaborate with members of other circles on a variety of projects, so you’ll receive training and feedback from other managers, too, and will continuously learn from other firm members.

Your circle will be led by a manager who helps you get involved in the type of projects you like and makes sure you get the training and experience needed to advance on your career path. To this end, you’ll work with your circle leader to design a customized professional development program and will get constructive feedback through our performance review process. In turn, you’ll build your management and leadership skills by providing feedback to and sharing knowledge with others.

Our leadership circles help create a community culture at YHB that’s based on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and relationships. Each principal works with two or three leadership circles to provide direction and feedback, as well as to get feedback from circle members and to learn about their or their clients’ needs.

As a result, we have a true team organization in which no single person “owns” a client, but everyone works together to deliver the best client service possible. This not only allows for excellence service for our clients, it also allows talent across the firm to be utilized in the best and most efficient way. We’re also able to provide more robust services to our clients to truly be their trusted advisors.