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Top Blog Posts of 2019

We’ve published a lot of content this year, but a few posts seem to be particularly popular! Here’s a review of our top blog posts that received the most attention this year.

1. Data flow Diagrams – Mapping Your Way to Better Security

Data flow diagrams are focused on individual (or interconnected) business processes. It is understandable that an organization may have literally hundreds of business processes. That is why the development of data flow diagrams must be completed from start to finish, as opposed to just drawing some circles and squares on a piece of paper. The following white paper will provide an in-depth review of the history, the ‘why’, the process, and an example for the creation of data flow diagrams. 

2. The Deep vs. The Dark Web

A place we all visit on a daily basis, the World Wide Web is vaster than most can imagine. We utilize the indexed layers of the Deep Web when we access our personal information accounts, but did you know there’s a Dark Web, or Darknet, that exists within the deep web? This article explores these two webs and what kind of data is stored there.

3. Tax Planning After Year-End

While your tax planning strategies are generally limited after the end of the year, these are a few potential options you might be able to employ to help lower you tax burden.

4. The Path from Intern to First Year Associate 

CJ Freedman is a 2019 graduate of the University of Lynchburg (previously Lynchburg College) and a first-year audit associate in our Richmond office.  CJ majored in accounting and was introduced to life at YHB during his 6-week internship the summer after his junior year.  Following his internship, CJ accepted our job offer to join YHB as an Associate. We asked CJ to speak about his internship experience and how he knew YHB was the right place for him

5. Monitoring Sub-recipients in Compliance with the Uniform Guidance

The Compliance Supplement, published by the Office of Management and Budget, identifies 12 types of compliance requirements that may or may not applicable to a federal award(s) provided to a non-Federal entity. One of the requirements that may be applicable to a non-Federal entity is that of sub-recipient monitoring.

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