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Driving Value

At YHB, we are always striving to innovate and grow with the goal of providing you with world class solutions. Our clients and team members continue to drive us to be better each day. An important part of providing these client-first resources is our partnership with Xpitax Solutions Private LTD (“Xpitax”), which is owned by CCH Incorporated (“CCH”).

Your tax return review will continue to be completed and signed by an experienced team member at YHB. We will only use Xpitax to perform basic data entry to streamline the process.


Who is Xpitax?

Xpitax is a company formed in the U.S. and owned by our tax software provider, CCH, a U.S. based company, and was originally founded by a CPA who wanted to find a way to enhance tax season for CPAs. Xpitax has a hosting facility in the U.S. and uses trained professionals both within the US and offshore with significant tax preparation experience.

Is my information safe?

Xpitax has made a significant investment in building a state-of-the-art infrastructure for their outsourcing and offshore operations to ensure the highest level of reliability, performance, and security available. Their India facility was designed expressly for outsourcing tax and accounting compliance work, and therefore has stringent physical and network security measures in place to safeguard sensitive client data. Additionally, Xpitax has designed a fully redundant network infrastructure at a secure Boston area datacenter, with off-site backup and recovery capabilities at a similar facility in North Carolina.

Why is YHB choosing to outsource tax returns data entry?

YHB processes tens of thousands of returns and we are utilizing a third party to assist us in getting your completed tax return back to you as quickly as possible. Many firms, including the BIG four, have been moving their process overseas for many years to improve client service and provide employees with a higher quality of life during busy season. Additionally, this will allow our team members to provide more value-added services to clients.

Who will be responsible for my tax return?

YHB and the team with whom you have always worked are responsible for your tax return.

Are the overseas accountants knowledgeable about U.S. tax laws?

Using a third-party vendor gives us access to qualified and skilled professionals overseas. They are highly trained and meet or exceed the quality of preparation that is done in the “back office” of most CPA firms. Through Xpitax, they attend a rigorous training program developed by U.S.-based CPA firms that cover U.S. tax law and various tax software applications.

How does the process work?

You will continue to provide us with your tax organizer and other applicable information; our firm will scan your documents and upload the file to a secure server hosted in the U.S. The teams overseas use locked down terminals to access the tax information file and prepare the tax return in an all-paperless environment. When the tax return is complete, our firm will be notified through a secure delivery system. We will then be able to make any final adjustments to your return and deliver it to you as soon as possible. Access to your income tax return and all information related thereto is no longer available to Xpitax once we receive this notification.

Can I opt out of this?

Yes. YHB is happy to continue providing your tax preparation services if you choose to opt out of this program.  Please note, we have performed significant due diligence, including investigating their technical competencies and security policies, and are fully confident in their ability to perform the assigned work accurately and securely. Opting out may slow down the processing of your tax return.

If you have additional questions, we encourage you to reach out to your YHB Team Member. At YHB, we are steadfast in our commitment to elevating our communities through connection and innovation. This is another way we believe our team members can enhance your experience with us.