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Fraud Investigation

Eliminate the Impossible…

Fraud is on the rise and hits small businesses especially hard. Total losses due to fraud in the United States amount to nearly $1 trillion annually.

Ideally, your organization should have strong internal controls to prevent fraud, as well as clear policies for deterrence and procedures for detection. If your fraud protection program isn’t what it should be, you might find that the numbers on the balance sheet don’t add up. Could your business be a victim of embezzlement, property theft or other fraud?

There’s one sure way to find out: Call in YHB’s certified Forensic Accounting Team. In addition to having undergone specialized training and using sophisticated software and data-mining techniques, our professionals have investigated countless fraud cases for businesses of all types, both small and large. So we know what to look for and how to document fraudulent activity. YHB can also show you how to prevent it from occurring — or recurring.

Our forensic team has an exceptionally deep knowledge of industry regulations and issues acquired through continuing professional education and active involvement in the below associations:

So, if you suspect fraud — or you would like to minimize its likelihood — give us a call. We offer a full range of fraud-related services, including:

  • Fraud detection and investigation
  • Documentation of fraud for prosecution
  • Internal controls review
  • Fraud prevention consulting, training, and policies
  • Periodic monitoring of financial information for possible fraud
  • Development of corporate compliance and fraud prevention programs
  • Tracking of assets, funds, and proceeds
  • Expert testimony regarding findings

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