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What’s in My Bag | Stay productive

risk-advisory-whats-in-bagOne of my favorite features on is “Show Us Your Bag“. Readers snap a picture of their work or travel bag and discuss the contents, which sometimes provides good insight into improving your work process or findings cool new gadgets to incorporate into your daily routine. The other reason I’m a fan of Show Us Your Bag-I have always had a thing for awesome bags. No one has ever accused me of being “stylish”, but a sturdy, functional bag helps me stay organized and productive. So here’s my bag and what’s inside that help me get the job done. Clockwise from the top.

  • Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag: TSA friendly bag speeds through security at the airport, has tons of space and so many pockets it’ll take you days to find them all.
  • HP ProBook 650 running Windows 10 with a fully encrypted hard drive, obviously. This is where the audit magic happens.
  • HP USB powered portable monitor. Screen real estate is a valuable commodity both in the office and at the client site. The goal here is to maximize screen space, minimize the screen footprint, and eliminate any extra power hogs.
  • Mouse pad with a beach scene: it’s been at least a decade since mouse pads were considered acceptable swag, but auditors never know where we will be working and mice don’t take kindly to glass top tables. With the serene beach landscape, the laptop fan sound exactly like crashing waves.
  • Network cable to enter the Matrix at will.
  • Apple earbuds go from the hotel room to the gym and back without missing a beat.
  • Standard issue YHB folio ready for note-taking action.
  • iPhone 6S. Also known as my connection to the outside world, clients, family, music, pictures, and occasionally serving as a very capable paper weight.
  • Gum and hand sanitizer. Just like James Bond- ready for anything the day may throw my way.
  • Faux-alligator leather business card holder: Sometimes the situation calls for trusty old school marketing methods.
  • Phone charger: Has anyone ever said they have too many phone chargers? Doubtful.
  • Pens, mostly from conferences or accidently appropriated from client sites.
  • Logitech M317 Wireless mouse is a workhorse, portable, long lasting batteries, but falls on its nose upon aforementioned glass tabletops.
  • Microsoft swag USB charger: Invaluable for getting my phone to the end of the day, especially after using Google Maps for navigation to a new client.
  • Fully encrypted YHB-issued USB jump drive because sometimes sneakernet is the best way to get the job done.
  • Computer Assisted Audit Tool USB licensing dongle. This little guy saves auditors many, many hours of laborious data analysis.
  • YHB branded wayfarers. Shades on, billing the marketing code. Just kidding.

Bryan NewlinBryan is a Manager at YHB and serves on the Risk Advisory Services Team. Bryan focuses on assisting organizations in a variety of industries with internal audits and IT-related audit and consulting services.

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