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Strategies for Success: Year-End Accounting and Book Closing

Strategies for Success: Year-End Accounting and Book Closing
Date and Time
December 14, 2023 | 11:30am
1 hour
Event Description:

Year-end accounting and book closing are critical processes that demand precision and foresight. This webinar is designed to equip businesses and organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate these essential tasks effectively. Our YHB team will walk you through industry-specific insights, best practices, and practical strategies to streamline your year-end accounting processes. Discover how to address unique financial challenges such as project accounting, inventory management, and revenue recognition.


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Dorrie Franzello-Kurtz

In addition to working on attest and tax engagements, Dorrie provides consulting services for clients with selection, execution, and training of various accounting process and software solutions.  She utilizes her accounting and industry knowledge to aid businesses on deciding which tools to implement for current and future requirements. When doing this, she is able to leverage her technical experience with her unique understanding of the challenges businesses face.

Jacob Pendergraft

Jacob graduated from Shenandoah University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (focus in accounting) in 2012 and a Masters of Business Administration in 2013. He became a licensed CPA in 2015. Jacob joined YHB in 2013. His career focus has been in the audit of construction, nonprofit and governmental organizations.